Disruptive Signals


As the borders between word and image become more porous,  a less carefully, ordered. more eccentric spacial environment is beginning to develop. New and different skills are required to negotiate this space; we have to learn to ‘see’ through’ words and to ‘read’ through images. In the process, the familiar and the obvious disintegrate in a new and evolving synthesis in which control; over meaning no longer resides within the either/or of word and image. In the shared space generated by the synchronicity of word and image, existing constraints on meaning are dislodged, and new meanings that are both improvisational and innovative can be articulated.

As the boundaries between practices and processes begin to break down, the work increasingly finds itself in an unfamiliar ‘elsewhere’, a placeless ‘place’ that is appropriately hybrid, plural and impure. It is a place of power and excess, in which word and image begin to cohere in unfamiliar and transgressive structures that are incomplete and partial, on the threshold of meaning.


Book: Disruptive Signals

First published in 1999 by gatescherrywolmark

Copyright: Eleanor gates-Stuart, Jean Cherry & Jenny Wolmark

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ISBN 0-9537113-0-7

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